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Aqata Celebrates 15 year Partnership with Ritec International

Leading Shower Design Company Aqata are celebrating 15 years of working with Ritec International. Aqata now applies the new ClearShield Eco-System™ as standard to all their shower screens and enclosures. For Aqata customers this means shower glass will resist limescale build-up and water spots, and be easier to clean and keep clean. This will save a great deal of time and effort, maintain a pristine appearance and hinder bacteria growth for a more hygienic environment. Aqata have identified with ClearShield® as it adds further value to their quality customer offering.

Ritec’s revolutionary new ClearShield Eco-System™ for glass is the first and only technology with performance, added value and profit guaranteed at every step of the glass supply chain – specifier, processor, fabricator, contractor, installer and end user.

Jayne Barnes, Managing Director of Aqata says “With nearly 30 years’ experience in the bathroom industry, designing and manufacturing luxury shower enclosures and showering products, the Aqata brand is synonymous with quality, innovation and superb design – values shared by our partners Ritec International. We look forward to the next 15 years of working together to achieve the highest standard of design and technical Innovation in the shower glass market.

Derek Brown, International Sales and Market Development Manager says, ” We are pleased and proud to be partners with such an word renowned shower company , and together with Aqata I look forward to many more years of successful collaboration and friendship between our brands.”

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