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Diamond Glass Solutions launches Ritec’s One-Stop Solutions in Scotland

Jim and Sally McDonald, of Diamond Glass Solutions, identified a real business opportunity for growth and new revenue generation, and jumped on it. They are now the latest in promoting Ritec’s One-Stop Solutions for the renovation, ‘non-stick’ protection and maintenance of all types of glass, interior and exterior.


The family run business already offered quality specialist solutions for repairing scratches on glass for automotive, commercial and residential glazing. However glass surfaces are not only at risk of physical damage. Air and water borne contaminants can firmly bond onto their surface, resulting in loss of sparkle and transparency, no longer looking like new, and difficult, if not impossible, cleaning.


Having followed an in-depth commercial and technical training for the ClearShield Eco-System™, Jim and Sally are now able to renovate glass already installed to regain its as-new appearance prior to applying the award-winning ClearShield™ protection so that it stays that way for much longer. ClearShield™ protected glass is always easier to clean and keep clean than unprotected glass, and more hygienic.


This wide ranging new set of solutions will resolve maintenance and performance issues for all automotive, commercial and residential applications, including building facades, shop windows, windows and doors, conservatories, partitioning and balustrading, sandblasted and other decorative glass, shower enclosure, splashbacks and counter tops, and much more.


Jim and Sally now offer a full and complete service for the renovation of glass surfaces, whether physical or chemical, all over Scotland. If like them you are looking for a new business opportunity, to add to your existing solutions or to differentiate, contact us now 

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