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DYK … ClearShield® optimises solar energy transmission for greener and more cost-effective solar energy production

Renewal energy had record growth in 2015. The award-winning ClearShield Eco-System™ for the renovation and protection of glass can help that growth further by helping all types of solar panels to generate even greener and more sustainable energy.


The efficiency of solar panels has a direct link to the light transmission of glass, and therefore the cleanliness of the glass surface. In short, the cleaner the glass, the more effective the solar panel!

However keeping glass clean can be a real challenge. Moisture, Alkalinity and Dirt (MAD) can easily cause glass to become Problem Glass. Problem Glass is any glass that has broken, or is likely to break, its original promises of visibility, clarity and cleanliness. This causes glass to become increasingly difficult to clean and keep clean, leading progressively but surely to reductions in the light transmission.

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Glass maintenance can become impossible, and in all cases requires the use of sometimes scarce and valuable resources such as water, and of potentially polluting cleaning agents.

Protecting glass surfaces with ClearShield® resists staining and discolouration, keeping the glass surface cleaner for longer and always easier to clean than unprotected glass. This optimises light transmission, maximises efficiency and maintains performance for longer. It also reduces maintenance requirements, saving costs, reducing the use of scarce resources and cleaning agents.

Thanks to the unique renovation solutions offered by the system and flexible application methods, the protection can be applied in the factory or to solar panels already installed.


Therefore the ClearShield Eco-System™ helps:

– maintaining initial peak watt performance for new solar panels
– reclaiming lost initial peak watt performance for already installed solar panels
– reducing maintenance costs
– reducing the use of scarce resources and polluting cleaning agents
– generating greener and more sustainable energy

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