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Northallerton Glass team presented with specialist Licensed Applicator certificates after training for the ClearShield Eco-System™

Ritec are pleased to announce that Northallerton Glass are the latest UK based glass processors to become a ClearShield Eco-System™ licensed applicator.


The glass processor has moved away from an ineffective sol-gel product to ClearShield®based on its safe and simple application method, and proven track records for durability.

The sol-gel product could not be applied without leaving smears and marks on the sandblasted glass, meaning rework and extra costs. Liam Spencer of Northallerton Glass decided to act quickly after meeting Ritec at Glasstec 2016.

Liam’s team, including Daniel Horne, Graeme Noonan and Chris Kersley, received Ritec’s specialist training programme in their own factory, and are now Licensed Applicators. Each received a personalised certificate.

Contact us now if you would like your own team to be trained or re-trained, and awarded an up to date certificate.

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