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Commanding success with the Ritec One-Stop Solutions™ Down Under

Ritec is very happy to welcome Colin Commander today, visiting from Runaway Bay, near Brisbane, on the Australian Gold Coast.


Colin became a successful member of Ritec’s International Network of applicators when he founded ClearShield Glass Protection 11 years ago. A family business that he runs with the help of his wife Christine and son Declan, they have accomplished many achievements converting ordinary glass into ClearShield Eco-Glass™ on solar panels, boats and residential houses.

ClearShield Glass Protection has been carrying out extensive work applying the special ‘non-stick’ protection onto the surface of solar panels before they are installed on residential roofs. The cleaner the glass, the more efficient the solar panel! ClearShield®makes the glass surface on solar panels easier to clean and keep clean, thereby resisting the build-up of contamination and therefore maintaining the glass light-transmission.

The company makes full use of the whole ClearShield Eco-System™ by offering home-owners Ritec’s One-Stop Shop of solutions. All glass at home can be upgraded into ClearShield Eco-Glass™ making maintenance a lot easier and keeping the glass looking like new for much longer. Glass already installed, including windows and doors, balustrading, shower enclosures, splahbacks or pool fences, can be made to look like new again thanks to the system’s unique renovation process, before receiving the special protection.

Colin and his team’s work does not stop there. They also offer the highly effective Ritecoat protection for all stainless steel handrails and Gelcoat on the fibreglass hull on boats, protecting it from the harsh corrosion suffered by metals at sea. Windows and shower enclosures on the boat are then protected with ClearShield™.

Good to see you Colin.

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